nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,


I had a dream last night in which I wrote the following sentences in navy oil pastel on a concrete wall:

"I believe in ghosts. But not the kind of ghost who represents a dead subject -- I believe in the ghosts of living people, of those people, friends, family, who begin to dematerialize not through lack of love but through lack of contact. I see them more and more, every morning now."
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Dammmmmm. You remember the exact thing?!
emo. just kidding. have you read kafka on the shore? it's essentially the same idea.

you know, we still haven't sufficiently hung out. YOU call ME, neh?
reminds me of a dream I once had:
I had a 'living' house and I constantly had to prevent it from trying to eat my friends and/or kill me/us.

I think there is a lot you can read into those dreams.
I know what mine could mean deep down.
I'm sure you feel the same way about YOUR dream, dont you?
yikes.. and sigh* sounds like the truth to me.....

so true. aw. i can relate to that quote. i see ghosts everyday of people i miss and dont see anymore. always in my head.

nick i miss you!
IS why I love you! when do you come to LA?