nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

ok, so my computer has officially died :(

I took it to the genius bar on 5th ave. today, and the guy basically told me that I would have to get my hard drive replaced (essentially the cost of a new computer) and that all the files on my old hard drive were gone (this still hasn't sunk in, I'm kind in shell shock right now lol).

So, bad news:
- i have to buy a new computer ($$$$$!)
- all my music is gone (RGJTIRTgijsrtgoijerg34i523)
- all my school stuff is gone
- i think my all my architecture work is gone (I'm praying to God I backed this up somewhere)
- all my (illegaly obtained) awesome design software is gone. this is HUGELY inconvenient for me and my schoolwork.
- a lot of personal shit is gone. special emails, aim convos, tidbits of images and videos I collected over the past couple of years... that's kind of the shittiest bit... and again, major shell shock. i don't quite realize the magnitude of this loss yet.

The good news:

- this didn't happen a week ago during my papers-and-midterms craziness. I think I would have seriously killed myself if I lost all my class notes, papers, research, reading notes (!!!), architecture crap, etc. a week ago when I REALLY needed them... god.
- I get to get a new computer? lol. although that's kind of complicated, as I'll explain in a bit...
- I still have my iPod... and I heard there was a (hack) way to get music from your iPod to your computer. If not... uh, shit.
- out of PUUUUUURE coincidence, just a couple of weeks ago I thought to myself, "hmm, I think I'm going to back up my old photos to see if this external hard drive thing works". I think i would have been most devastated by the loss of photos.

as for getting a new computer... I spoke to my dad about it, who's trying really hard to switch me back to a PC, hahaha. I'm almost tempted to, considering how a bunch of architecture programs are PC-only (AutoCAD, AAAARGH!) and considering how much less PCs cost for essentially the same computer (I love Macs, but I really don't find them to be so incredibly superior to PCs). But Macs are so pretty :( hahahah. I was all looking at PC notebooks, and I just couldn't see myself switching back. Especially with the new Macbooks... *Homer drool*

But yeah, I'm not too sure what's going to happen.

In other news, my friends got me Indian food, an epic 3-tiered birthday cake from Kitchenette, delicious port wine, philosopher finger puppets (Plato, Kant, Hegel and Nietzsche) and a Nietzsche T-shirt. ahahhahaha. I am loved.

Oh god, and in OTHER news. I forgot if I even mentioned this here, but i've been kind of missing from LJ-land as of late (lol, weird that it takes a ghetto-ass gross computer lab in my dorm to get me back to LJ)... but I'm not going to copenhagen next semester anymore. long story, but I'm actually happy with my decision right now. as much as I talk shit on New York, I'm still kind of a tourist here and there's so much amazing shit this city has to offer... I want to stay here as long as possible. It's kind of crazy that it's already been two and a half years, and that I have such little time left.

and in OTHER OTHER news (last one, I swear)... I've been toying with the idea of working in a European arch firm over the summer, hahaha. random, I know. either Paris or Rome. If any of you will be there this summer, definitely hollah.

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