nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

ugh. i keep forgetting how shitty it feels to go through a bad architecture critique. It's a bad feeling to get a low grade on a paper or midterm, but it's just a whole other level of horrible when it comes to creative endeavors like architecture, i feel... crits can become so personal and hit you at your weakest self-esteem points.
there were seriously so many times during the crit this morning where i felt like taking my exacto and jabbing it in my stomach. i went through sleepless weeks pouring all my heart and creative energy into this series of models, only to be told that my project "lacks heart and dedication".
I have to essentially start from zero and create a new model for wednesday, which is so fucking hard when feeling so aesthetically and conceptually incompetent.

ggggeeeeeeeeuuuuuggghhhhh. i hate to be so melodramatic, but hey this is livejournal right? lol. but yeah, fuck. i hate this feeling.
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