nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

ahahahah shit...

So a couple of days ago, I get this e-mail saying that I had been dropped from my minimalism/post-minimalism course by the registry (booo). Of course I was really pissed off, since this is probably the most interesting and relevant class on my schedule right now. I pretty much spent the last half hour or so writing this loooooooong, carefully calculated e-mail to my professor explaining why, as a student in Aaaarchitecture (long and pretentious "a") and Aaaaart History (long and pretentious "a"), it was incredibly important for me to take this class, especially since minimalism has seen such a resurgence in the cutting-edge of art and architecture today (this is true, and i'm actually really sincere when i say that this class is super-relevant for me right now). I mentioned copenhagen, i mentioned my personal relationship with minimalism, i mentioned my trip to the film screenings he suggested, bla bla bla.

Right before I sign off the e-mail, I check really quickly online to see if, by the off chance, spots opened in the class. I register, and get in the class. ahahhaha. essentially a lot of pretension and time wasted, but whatever... I'm so glad I got in, damn.

on another note, the weather has definitely taken an autumnal twist recently, which is really nice (if not very sudden). this kind of crisp and windy weather always gets me so excited for some reason, I love the fall. work is already pretty heavy (tons of reading + architecture project due TOMORROW :[ ) but things are balanced... for now... *KNOCKS ON WOOD* (haha i hesitated sooo much in writing that, I really don't want to jinx anything...).
The Sharits screenings were amazing, I even bought a membership to Anthology film because of how impressed I was by their choice of future screenings (haha, it also makes me feel like a pretentious prick carrying the card in my wallet, but WHATEVER.
I've actually been using my longboard quite a lot too, which i'm pretty surprised about. It's nice to have a kind of urban replacement to surfing. I ate it in central park the other day though, slid on my bare shoulder for a few feet on concrete... kind of akin to taking a cheese grater to the skin, lol. a large portion of my shoulder is basically raw right now, with nasty skinnings on my knees/elbows. good times though, sharp pain is definitely nice to feel once in a while :P in a really weird way.

feast of san gennaro this weekend! greasy, super-americanized italian food and culture galore! (admittedly still a lot of fun though).
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