nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

just got back to la-la-land, will be in town for a brief moment -- savoring my last droplets of summer before heading back to the enn-why sea this saturday. jetlagged as all hell -- my circadian rhythm is totally flipped. japan was lovely, though i gained a shitload of weight there. i've been exercising like a madman here to fix that.

fuck, i'm kind of sad i barely got to chill out in LA this summer... i think i've hung out with a grand total of two LA friends this entire break. the little time i've been back has been so nice. stupid california and your stupid beautiful weather! making me want to stay forever and ever and ever.

that said, i am super duper excited to go back to new york. of course. though my first couple of days there will already be fucking stresssssful... i got an e-mail a couple of weeks ago, when i was in japan -- a really wonderful e-mail from the head of the undergrad architecture department at columbia. oh wait did i say wonderful, i meant absolutely HEART-ATTACK-inducing. this course i really really REALLY want and need to take, which previously didn't require an application, suddenly became 10 times cooler (work on a real site, the professors are amazing interesting architects) -- and thus 10 times more selective -- and now I need to put together a portfolio application due sep. 4th, including work from every studio i've taken. non-architecture-majors probably won't understand how much work this is, but just to give an idea -- seniors usually take up a full semester and then some to finish their portfolios. in the world of architecture where graphic representation is a calculated, theory-laden science, every line having a significance, compilation is a project in itself.

granted, i don't have to present a senior thesis portfolio... but still, i have fucking TWO DAYS, since the majority of my interesting work is in new york. to make matters even more lovely, they're only accepting 10 people -- and i can easily name 15 students who not only want to take the course, but would DEFINITELY get in before me. i'm not saying that to be humble or fish for compliments, i just objectively know that others have stronger work than i do.

LOL fuck i started out writing this entry feeling all positive-sunny-LA-nicholas, but ended on a rather stressful and bitter new york-y note. time to bike to venice beach and enjoy this super-sunny day!

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