nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

AOO bellllo!

ugh, damn IT. I've always wanted this journal to be a super-light thing where I could record little snippets of my life, not HUGE EPIC summaries of MONTHS worth of life-changing experiences. because no one really wants to read the latter, and it's excruciating to write as well. YET i manage EVERY TIME to let myself get lazy and build up all these wonderful experiences that will eventually never get written out... the only things that make it to my journal are the sleep-deprived, psychosis-induced manic-depressive 4am paper-writing rants. and that's so not cool, because the past few months of my life have been nothing short of wonderful and inspiring, and i'd hate to look back at my journal in 10 years and think "shit, my life at 21 was miserable". So hey future Nicholas, please remember that life at 21 was amazing and everything you wanted it to be.

Maybe I'll record everything that's been happening to me... crazy, fabulous new york -- my epically impromptu trip to see bjork in san francisco with dearest friends -- and then Rome!! beautiful, sensual, chaotic Rome...

and maybe I won't.

either way, it doesn't matter... all there is to know -- is that all is well. more than well, all is full of love!

my aunt : "you know, your father bought this water mattress when he was here a couple of weeks ago, to use in the lake. it made him really happy, just to float around in the water with this stupid mattress. but it's one of the things i like most about your dad, he still gets so enthusiastic about the 'stupid' little pleasures most people take for granted."
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