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so uh, I'm currently at the Tate Modern, sitting at the café and leeching off of their free wireless. I'm looking directly at St. Paul's Cathedral, right across the Thames. talk about spring break 06 version 2.0 (referring to the random impromptu washington DC bit, of course)... the past couple of days have been such a weird and wonderful blur...
i guess it all started sunday night in los angeles... i went to see CSS, and they were fabulous! i mean, it's so easy to hate them... they're really gimmicky, predictable, superficial (and aware of it)... but god i love them so much, lol. such a great, fun energy for the show, and a MASSIVE turnout compared to when I last saw them in the fall... it's crazy how much they blew up in the past couple of months.
But yeah... in a weird way, that show pretty much set the energy and vibe for the next events to come. I couldn't sleep after the CSS show, since i sort of hadn't even started packing for my flight which was leaving at 8 the next morning (lol, what a surprise right?). so it was basically like, CSS --> PACKING --> AIRPORT --> TORONTO --> LONDON! in the blink of an eye and without any sleep (I hate sleeping on planes). now it's tuesday? and here I am, deliriously wandering the streets of london totally dazed and confused, tripping out on the most random things in the street.

and OH GOD!

THE TATE! has an entire section devoted to minimalism... I nearly pissed myself when I entered the flavin room. there it was, one of his monuments to tatlin, glaring right at me, surrounded by a couple of other famous works. i hate to be such a minimalism whore after that one class, but shit. it hits me so hard whenever I see a pink fluorescent tube hanging diagonally across the wall.

woah ok i got really lightheaded all of the sudden, i need a serious dosage of caffeine... anyway, i don't even know what the point of this entry originally was. i'm sure i had interesting intentions. and intersections with intervals and interstices. interminably intermittent and interpoopular. entrails.

in conclusion -- man i forgot how much i loved london, despite the shit weather that's going on right now. every little detail of the city is just so witty and cute, almost as if acting like little "just kidding"s to counterbalance the indifferent greyness of the city.

i leave for milan in 5 hours... finally going to see my grandma after like 5 years!!! man i miss her terribly.

real update coming soon...
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