nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

best nyc encounter so far

I was resting on a bench in central park after an afternoon run, bathed in the pale-gold light that is so characteristic of this time of the year - the ice is melting, the temperatures are more bearable, and the city seems to be rising from its winter gloom.

all of the sudden, I snap out of daydreaming as this old old tiny, wrinkled lady starts talking to me without any introduction -

"the days are getting longer"

growing up in LA and then living in new york for the past couple of years, my immediate response is just to go along with the crazies so that they leave you alone...

"yeah, i know. they are..."

"there's more sun light at the end of the day... it's lovely... it just fills you with such... optimism..."

she then walked away with the biggest smile on her small whithered face, matching the biggest smile on my face i've had in a while.

i think that sums up a lot in terms of how i've been feeling lately. for the first time EVER i have a relatively stress-free schedule (i mean, i'm still in a couple of studios and i still pull an all-nighter once a week pretty much lol... but only ONE theory class, dayum). I also just had a final crit this past week, and it actually went fairly well. my first positive crit in like, a year haha.

at the same time, there's something sort of weird about all of this. don't know what's wrong with having fun for once, but it's weird to not be super-depressed and stressed all the time.

boh, oh well. I'm coming back to LA in a couple of weeks, i'm really really looking forward to it... as lovely as everything is right now, i'm exceptionally homesick for some reason.

[as i was sitting on the bench, i felt the subway throbbing under me in a very cardiovascular manner - dudun dudun... dudun dudun... dudun dudun...]
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