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damn, so dorian died of a heroin overdose last friday. not that I was super-good friends with him or anything remotely like that, but it's always weird when someone in your circle goes off in that way, especially when you've seen him around so much and spoken to him a few times. a lot of people are speculating that it was a suicide overdose...
the timing was also particularly eerie, as I hadn't really thought of him for months... until the night he ODed, when diane and i were talking about him, completely out of the blue.

i'm almost expecting him to reply to this lj post or something... looking back, i realized that the last comment he made in my lj was when my dog died, over the summer. it's weird, i kept hearing about how he had all these emotional problems, but I didn't know much about it. It's SO eerie to look at his journal and see all the tell-tale signs though. I mean, damn, his last entry is such a clear indicator, I don't know how that slipped under the radar:
"This pattern forming will win yes [29 Dec 2006|10:36pm]
Im hoping for the best this time"

This is really eerily familiar, no?

bah. again, not that I knew him well at all, but it's still such an awful thing to hear, especially when it always seems so preventable.
rip, dorian.


in other, less depressing news... Los Angeles has been treating me wonderfully, and I'm sufficiently rested and detoxed. Although I could stay here forever and ever, I'm heading back to New york this coming Wednesday. The weather over there is supposed to be ridiculously warm (for nyc standards, anyway) so i'm not too... frightened... haha. I know that this semester will be a carbon copy of the last which was a carbon copy of the last, but I'm trying to not think of that right now.
just keep on truckin.
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