nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

you know how, for the end of finals season, people ask, "so, are you sprinting to the finish or limping with a broken leg?" apparently some kid at columbia answered back, "I'm sprinting with a broken leg," which is pretty much my (and columbia students' in general) usual state of mind for this "most wonderful time of the year".
well this year, it's a little different. i'm SO far behind everyone else in this race, so fucked for any kind of decent finish-line-crossing, that i've become that guy who just stopped, shrugged his shoulders, retreated to a cardboard box on the side of the racetrack and overdosed on heroin, peeing all over himself because all decency was lost anyway.

today in studio we had to fill in these course evaluation things... and one of the questions read something like "how has studio related to your general curriculum/everyday life?" a girl in my class answered (and this pretty much sums up how we feel at this point of the year) "every day I walk back to studio, I pray I get hit by a car on the way here." ahahahhaah.

I think I'm going to reset all my passwords (facebook/myspace/livejournal/forums etc.) with something completely random like fowiejfowiescj09ei032 and e-mail that to a friend. these things aren't helping much.

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