nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

"you're just too much person"

god, such a fucking trainwreck this is.

there are times where i really don't think i belong at this school (on an aptitude level). i just don't have the stamina necessary to keep up with all this shit. i love what i'm learning and in the end it's best for me I'm sure, but such fucking hell to do architecture within a liberal arts setting, in terms of time management. sometimes i wish i could just go to a "normal" architecture school and devote all my time/energy into that, or just choose a "normal" major and devote my time/energy to that.

this whole trying-to-be-everything-at-once is just so typical of me, on personal/academic/social levels all throughout my life. but i'm so fed up with trying to catch up with 800 different lifestyles.

it's funny though, i'm starting to understand why people think of me the way they do. often, people are surprised to learn that i have a younger brother. I usually get slightly offended (no offense only children, i just have this stereotype of the spoiled egocentric engrained in my head lol). I ask why, and the response is almost always "you're just too much person".

I don't know how i feel about that.
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