nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

Nick's faux pas du jour:

player 1: a Mexican architecture studiomate by the name of Fernando.
player 2: a big, popular Mexican restaurant near Columbia called Mama Mexico. I tend to bash Mama Mexico a lot cos it's a bit Disney-Mexico-y, and the food is way overpriced. That said, I actually quite enjoy the place and it really reminds me of home lol.

Game: So I was speaking with Fernando and another friend about Mexican food in New York. As you can guess by the lack of Mexicans here, it's not too good. Fernando mentions that his family actually owns a Mexican restaurant in New York. I totally imagined this small, authentic hole-in-the-wall establishment - essentially the opposite of Mama Mexico. In fact I didn't even REMOTELY consider Mama Mexico to be an option. So I said, "oh great! I totally need some good, real Mexican food, I miss it a lot. I'm so tired of shit like *waves hands around, makes a gross face and speaks in a different tone of voice* Mama Mexico!"
We continue conversation normally, talking about his place and the different dishes they serve, etc. Finally I asked him "so wait what's it called again? I really want to go."
Fernando: "Mama Mexico."
Me: "...OH!........."
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