nikelaos (littledrunknemo) wrote,

~!*NiCK's HiGHLigHTs oF tHe WeeK*!~

1) ~*2 midterms, 2 architecture projects, and a paper (40% of my grade) on minimalist formal theory in the span of 3 days!*~
2) ~*grand total of 8 hours of sleep since sunday!*~
3) ~*catching a cold!*~
4) ~*messing up at least one midterm!*~
5) ~*possibly failing out of architecture!*~
6) ~*spending 22 consecutive waking hours in the library reading hundreds of pages of dense deconstructivist theory and squishing it all into six pages!*~
7) ~*handing in said minimalism paper late, doing a shitty job!*~
8) ~*gaining a shitload of weight!~*
9) ~*having to walk home in flipflops through gross gross puddlesof rain!*~

and... last but CERTAINLY not least...

10) ~*having people worry about me so much they called suicide watch!*~

aahahahahahaha. the last one is actually all kinds of hilarious, cos i was so just soooooooo cracked out and out of it, when i just dropped off something quickly in my room... just so happens, that's when the suicide watch people came to knock on my door ("What, it's the RA?!?"). apparently they know exactly where and when you swipe your card, so they can figure out where you are. creepy....

(ps, no, I'm not going to kill myself... lol...)
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