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GODDAMN. soooooooo much is happening right now, it's kind of crazy status.

I got back to New York a couple of weeks ago, and strangely enough I'm kind of glad to be back. It's a very different brand of happiness here, but there's a happiness nonetheless. Already pretty stressful though, and it's only day 2 of classes. haahaha. The classes seem fantastic... All but one class is architecture/art history-related, which is pretty amazing/terrifying. The professors are cool... For architecture (first half of the semester) I have this really quirky spacey published (lol, of course i had to google him) british guy. The professor and TA from the first "minimalism and post-minimalism" lecture were dressed in stereotypical all-black sharply tailored designer clothing. Dunno if it was meant to be a self-satirizing joke, but even if it wasn't, I thought it was great.
The kind of lame bit of my super-interesting schedule lies in the months of october and december... at one point i'm going to have FIVE midterms in a single week (all memorization and concept-heavy), as well as FOUR term papers in a single week, both right before/after final reviews for architecture. mmmm delicious.

Oh, and I'm an RA. ahahhaha. which totally came out of nowhere, I know, but I am and it's been interesting. If not absolutely terrible for my residents, but hey they're big brave columbia students, they can fend for themselves... :P
I also somehow became Events Coordinator for the Architecture Society at my school, which is actually quite a demanding position (if not totally cool too though). I'm also going to be submitting a couple of articles for the Architecture publication here, which should be fun.

Re-prioritizing my life and putting sleep/health/social life in front of work? hah!

No, I really do hope to maintain some kind of balance. despite how absolutely ape-shit everything is going to be. Pfft, actually who the hell am I kidding lol. At least I can look forward to Ladytron in a couple of weeks, then Scissor Sisters in a month. Then Copenhagen next spring! Sustainable design field trips to Sweden and Finland! woot.

Okay, time to stop this scattered rant (as if my posts ever have structure). as a final note: avant-garde manhattanites, go to the paul sharits film screenings this weekend at anthology film! minimalist film at its finest. restored prints. message me for more info.
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